Friday, 17 January 2014

That Newborn Smell

I'm really missing that sweet newborn baby smell, that special smell that only brand-new babies have - that sweet, earthy angel scent that means life and love and hope and home all at once. That smell you breathe in and feel complete as you nuzzle their perfect little eyes, cheeks, ears, neck - because they're still a part of you.

I'm missing when my babies were babies, when they were swaddled so tiny and helpless, those perfect little impossible miracles. When our love and need for each other was so innate, so intertwined, that it was all of life for a time. When simply being near me was all they wanted or needed because it was all they'd known when they were growing inside, and when I could stare at their beautiful squishy little angel faces and breathe in their sweet baby smell for hours and feel fulfilled.

I love my babies even more now that they're their own little people, and I don't regret for an instant my decision not to have any more. But...

I really miss that newborn baby smell.

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  1. So beautiful. I'm bawling like a baby.

  2. Maybe you should have one more!

  3. Agreed why not have one more

  4. When is baby #4 coming?

  5. LOL.
    Please see: