Friday, 14 March 2014

Budget-Friendly Spring Break

This year, for the first time since our older boys started school, we stayed in town for spring break.

winter in the park, snow, kids activitiesOur annual Walt Disney World vacation has become a family tradition, but just wasn't practical this year. I was determined to make my boys' spring break memorable and fun despite staying local, and with an eye to hopefully hitting Disney later this year, needed to make it as budget-friendly as possible in order to stash away some sunny-day savings.

Field tripping is always a big part of how our family makes memories together so we had to include a couple of big day trips in our spring break plans.

Toronto Zoo polar bear, winter  Toronto Zoo penguin

Legoland Lego giraffe, kids activities, Toronto

We spent one crisp sunny day at the zoo (of course!), a fun-filled day exploring Legoland and a crazy afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Chuck E Cheese bowling, kids activities

We went to a reptile show and visited the aquarium. We saw a puppet show at the library and the Lego movie at the theatre. We went skating at the neighbourhood rink and swimming at the local pool.

We had sleepovers with one of the boys' cousins and each of their best friends, we went sledding and played in the snow and had one day when we sat around in jammies all day watching movies and playing board games and doing absolutely nothing at all. It was a blast.

And with the exception of Legoland and the movies it was all free, thanks to our family memberships at the zoo and community centre, saved-up tokens and coupons from birthdays and holidays past, and a few days of diligent online searching for free family spring break fun.

What a wonderful week of at-home fun with my special little boys. It was no spring break at Disney World, but we had a lot of fun and, as always, made some fantastic family memories.

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