Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt

neighbourhood exploring, scavenger hunt, kids, outdoor activitiesOne of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon with my kids is playing and exploring outside - sidewalk chalk on the driveway, climbing trees in the garden; playing backyard soccer in the summer and building snow forts in the winter; playing on the tire swing in summer and sledding in winter; playing at the park and biking through the neighbourhood and hiking the ravine and trails that wind their way in and around our beautiful little town.

One beautiful sunshiny day over spring break we were blessed with actual spring-like temperatures for the very first time this excruciatingly long, cold, icy winter. Like, light-hoodies-and-sunglasses weather rather than seventeen-layers-of-down-filled-insulated-thermal-outerwear-with-hats-and-scarves-and-mitts weather. I was this close to busting out my flip-flops, although the six feet of snow still piled high at the curb was a bit off-putting.

I had to be outside. I had to be in that sunshine. But we were having a lazy at-home day, the kids still in jammies and lolling about the living room like slugs. How to entice them into clothes and out of the house?

A scavenger hunt!

I put a list together of things I knew we'd see around the neighbourhood and along the paths in the ravine:

jungle gym
mail box
fire hydrant
stop sign
black car
red garage door
yellow flower
grey rock
pine cone
tire swing
Christmas decorations*

*(We have one house in our neighbourhood which, at all times of the year, has a scarecrow in the garden, a basket of fake flowers on the porch and glittery red and green ornaments dangling from the tree in their front yard. I know. Festive. So festive.)

This list can be adapted for any time of year - different types of trees and flowers in the spring and colours of flowers in the summer and leaves in the fall.

Fresh air and exercise, hours of quality time together and lots of fun for kids of all ages.

What a great way to get outdoors and enjoy an afternoon of neighbourhood exploring together!

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  1. This is a very good activity. Your kids will grow up loving the nature ;)