Monday, 24 March 2014

Play Clay Art Project

Play Clay Art, crafts, kids crafts, aliens

This play clay craft is a several-day project, but it's a fantastic way for kids to use their creativity and imaginations and create a piece of art completely unique from the usual drawings or paintings.

Play Clay Art, crafts, kids crafts, aliens
1. Have your child sketch out the picture they want to create from play clay. They will have to draw it out twice - one to use as a background for the clay art and one to use as a reference once the clay covers the outlined shapes on the background.

2. Knead out the play clay in small chunks. Work with one colour at a time.

3. Press the play clay flat onto the background filling in the outlined shapes.

Play Clay Art, crafts, kids crafts, aliens4. Roll, shape and layer the play clay onto the covered background for the subject of the artwork- this is where you'll need the second drawing as a reference.

5. Use a toothpick to carefully carve out any fine details.

My eldest son made this picture of aliens in outer space and their spaceship on the moon.
This one's going up on the gallery wall!

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