Monday, 3 March 2014

Why I'll Never Look Like That

Shape Magazine March 2014 - Sharon Stone cover

Sharon Stone, at fifty-six years old, is Shape Magazine's cover girl this month.

That's right. Fifty-six. Fifty-six.

Feel bad about yourself yet? 

Yeah, me too. 

It gets worse.

The smoking hot sexpot we all remember from Basic Instinct is a mom of three and, unlike most celebrities over the age of thirty, has actually managed to stay this gorgeous without surgical enhancement. 


Instead of faking it with nips and tucks and injections and surgical enhancements and otherwise turning herself into a smoothly plastic unreachable ideal of womanhood that we mere mortals can never hope to achieve like we expect, Sharon Stone believes in aging gracefully, staying in shape with exercise and stretching and keeping to a disciplined diet. 

Again, barf.

It's a hell of a lot easier to say, "Of course she's perfect; I'd have that body if I didn't have kids," or "I could look like that if I had millions to spend on plastic surgery." It's incredibly annoying to find out looking like that actually requires work and discipline. Ugh.

But wait - part of her diet involves cutting out alcohol? Like, completely? No wine with dinner? No cocktails with the hubby on the weekend? Not even one little bevvy after the kids go to bed? 

Yeah, ok, nevermind. Not worth it.

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