Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Getting our Garden Growing

With the longest, coldest, windiest, snowiest, dreariest winter in memory drawing to a close it's finally starting to feel like spring - the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the snow is melting and everyone has a smile on their face and a lightness in their step as they remove layers and soak up the sunshine.

Outdoor projects are on everyone's minds - landscaping projects, laying patios, building decks, putting up pergolas, getting out the garden furniture, planting pots of cheerful flowers and getting the garden beds ready for summer.

Growing vegetables from seed
For our family, one of our favourite outdoor projects this time of year is our vegetable garden. We eat a lot of vegetables and eat organic as much as we possibly can, so growing our own produce is a real treat during the summer months. And our kids have always been fascinated by all things growing and green - planting the seeds, turning over the soil, watering the plants and watching them grow, and picking and eating the veggies when they're ready.

This year we're restricting our vegetable garden to tomatoes, cucumbers, and swiss chard - they're our favourites, we always eat a lot of them, and we know they grow well in our yard's climate and soil and sun. Cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers tend to do better in pots so we'll grow those with our favourite herbs in small planters on our sunny second-storey deck.

Growing vegetables from seedIn order to take full advantage of the growing season for our crops we've already started growing our summer vegetables. The kids spent last week collecting and cleaning empty yogurt containers. They carefully cut out drainage holes in the bottoms of the cups and filled them with soil. They poked little holes in the soil, dropped a couple of seeds in each hole and gently covered them over. 

They watered their little yogurt cups and checked on them every day, eagerly awaiting the first signs of green starting to peek through the soil.

Growing vegetables from seed
Only one week later our tiny crop of tomatoes and cucumbers are well on their way, the little green sprouts growing quickly in the sunny kitchen window, watered and checked on every couple of hours by our eager little gardeners. Though we can't actually get them into the garden yet our organic vegetables are growing well already!

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  1. That's a great idea (starting your seeds in yogurt cups.) We're a little behind, but just ordered our seeds this morning. Can't wait for summer gardening season!