Monday, 19 May 2014

Long Weekend Summer Kick-Off

This past weekend was the first long weekend of the season and the official kick-off to summer in Canada.

This year we didn't go away (thanks to a couple of scheduled soccer practices despite the holiday) but spent a wonderful weekend relaxing at home and enjoying the outdoors.

Waterfront Fun, kids, cottage, lakeWe spent one day up north visiting my grandparents, playing on the water and exploring the woods. In keeping with long weekend tradition, the day we went up north was the day the weather turned unseasonably cool and we had to bundle up before heading out - but no amount of cold could keep the kids from enjoying the magic of their great-grandparents' big lakefront property and home filled with warmth and snuggles and secret corners and special surprises.

Another day was spent at the Pirates and Princesses event at the town park, an afternoon full of piratey crafts and activities and a pirate-themed Movies at the Park movie night, the whole family curled up with our sleeping bags on our big outdoor blanket until the middle of the night.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the backyard and neighbourhood, a long lazy sunny morning on the new second-storey deck, a couple of hours at the park, an afternoon planting and puttering and playing in the gardens, a long bike ride through the ravine and the first trip to the ice-cream shop of the season.

And our long weekend fun was topped off by a fireworks show at the park behind our house - snuggled up in jammies and enjoyed from the comfort of our own bedroom windows. What a wonderful start to summer!

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