Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mother's Day Tradition

Panda, zoo, Toronto Zoo, animals, animal photography
Mother's Day for our family means a day at the zoo, our family's favourite field trip destination. This year we were blessed with a beautiful sunny Sunday for our afternoon out with the animals, the first truly summery-feeling weekend of the year.

Polar Bear, animals, animal photography, zoo, Toronto Zoo

I have loved our days at the zoo ever since we took the boys for their first visit so many years ago. It's such a nice, wholesome way to spend time together as a family, outdoors and unrushed and just enjoying exploring together. No matter how many times we go there's always something new to see -  a new exhibit or display, an addition to the Zoomobile tour, a new baby, an animal who's hardly ever out or always asleep preening and putting on a show.

Kids digging dinosaurs, zoo, Toronto Zoo
Digging for dinosaurs in KidZoo

I love learning and exploring with the boys - we find the animals fascinating and never tire of seeing our favourites. The kids are always excited for a visit to the KidZoo area and my husband and I enjoy the fresh air and exercise, and the whole family always looks forward to a burger in the African Savannah restaurant.

Nothing means Mother's Day to this mom more than a sunshiney day out at the zoo with the man I love and our three beautiful little boys.

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  1. I always love your animal pictures.