Monday, 28 April 2014

My Sweet Boy

Being a mom teaches me every day to be a better person, to be kinder, to be more patient, to be more selfless than I ever was in my previous life - but nothing and no-one in my entire life has taught me more about kindness and generosity and selflessness than my oldest son and how he sees the world.

My sweet boy is the most unselfish human being I have ever met. His enormous heart makes me melt and breaks my heart every day.

If anyone in the house isn't feeling well he turns into a little nurse, bringing blankets and glasses of water and tucking in and snuggling and soothing.

Whenever his youngest brother is upset he puts on a circus act for him until he's happy and laughing - singing, dancing, funny faces, silly noises - no matter where we are or how long it takes.

He makes friends with every new kid at school and invites anyone standing alone at recess to play ball hockey with he and his friends.

He high-fives and cheers every play on the pitch at soccer practices and games - win or lose, success or fail. Every teammate gets a pat on the back from my sweet little boy.

With the allowance he earns every week he buys gifts for his brothers. There are toys and games and books he'd like for himself - but he likes even more to spend his money on his younger brothers.

He gives toys he's outgrown to his younger cousins without prompting.

He donates his own money to buy food and gifts for families in need at Christmas time.

He offers to give up treats and trips for himself when there's a question of anyone else in the family having to make sacrifices.

He's amazingly sensitive to other people's moods - if anyone seems down or tired or short he feels it and tries to fix it as best he can.

My boy is the kindest, sweetest, biggest-hearted, most loving person I have ever been lucky enough to know - and he makes me a better person every day for knowing him.

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