Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Paper Tear Art

Paper tear art is such an easy, versatile activity that really lets kids stretch their imaginations and create some wonderful pictures from nothing more than paper and glue and creativity.

To make a paper tear picture all you'll need is several different colours of paper and craft glue.

Tear the paper into small pieces and glue onto the background in the desired shapes or patterns. You can overlap as much as you like for texture and depth.

Paper Tear Art, foil, rainbow, crafts, kids crafts
Since Easter passed only a few weeks ago we have a lot of coloured foil eggs in the house so we made a paper tear picture using foil.

We wrapped a piece of card stock in aluminum foil for the background, then tore up our saved Easter egg wrappers to create some rainbow artwork.
Paper Tear Art, landscape, crafts, kids crafts
For a construction paper project my son used blues and greens to create a landscape of trees and mountains. Once the glue dried he splattered the page with white paint and voila! A winter wonderland.

This same craft could be done using scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, recycled newsprint... the possibilities are almost endless!

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