Friday, 9 May 2014

Pop-Up Card Craft

Pop-up card craft, handprint craft, kids craft

Kids love making homemade cards to give and parents love getting them as gifts. Here's a fun way to change up the usual folded sheet of crayoned construction paper - pop-up picture cards!

Pop-up card craft, kids craft
To make the card, fold two sheets of card stock in half. Make two cuts on the folded side of one of the sheets and invert the folded section between the cuts. Glue or tape the two sheets of card stock together with the solid sheet on the outside. When the card opens the inverted fold should protrude out.

Handprint craft, kids craft
Trace the kids' hands on another sheet of paper and have them colour them in. Cut out the coloured handprint with a little "stem" left on the bottom. Glue the handprint "flowers" to the section of the card that pops out.

Pop-up card craft, handprint craft, kids craft
Cut another piece of paper into the shape of grass. Fold lengthwise and tape the fold to the card just in front of the handprint flowers.

I've had a house full of kids these last couple of weeks as I've been watching my neighbour's boys. This fun pop-up card craft kept all five kids happy and entertained for hours and will make a wonderful surprise for their mom this Mother's Day!

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