Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dad Rocks

Happy Father's Day!

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Because our family's life revolves around soccer, family celebrations often have to be squeezed in between matches and practices. Last year, my husband spent all of Father's Day on the sidelines of a soaking wet soccer pitch at our oldest son's first all-weekend out-of-town tournament - not exactly a day of being spoiled and pampered in appreciation, but probably the truest picture of life as a father.

This year, Father's Day weekend meant a Friday night game for Oldest Child's team, a Saturday out-of-town tournament for Middle Child's team and then a practice for Oldest Child on Sunday evening, leaving us with a few unprecedented unplanned hours on Sunday to just hang out together as a family and show Daddy how much we love him.

We spent the morning relaxing in the sunshine in the backyard. We took my husband out for a platter of nachos and a pint on our favourite local patio. We barbequed steaks for dinner and the boys gave my husband the cards they'd spent weeks working on at school and the gifts we'd made for him - "Dad Rocks" rocks for the garden, hand-painted by each boy with a thumbprint signature in outdoor paint to withstand the weather.

What a wonderful, relaxing day to celebrate the man we all love most in the world.

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