Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Paper Mache Pinata

My son wanted a soccer ball pinata for his soccer-themed birthday party, so I thought we'd combine a craft activity with a party prop and make our own.

The boys and I made the pinata from layers of paper mache over a couple of days and my husband painted the final soccer ball details the morning of the party.

To make the paper mache paste, mix one part flour and two parts water in a large bowl.

Tear strips of newspaper - rough tears in varying widths and lengths is best as clean cut edges will not blend as easily on the finished shape.

Blow up a balloon for the ball shape. Dip the paper strips in the paste and smooth onto the balloon.

When the balloon is covered completely in a layer or two of paper and paste (except for a small opening at the top) dry completely in the sun.

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Repeat layering and drying until the shape is hard and solid.

Pop the balloon and remove the rubber. Decorate the ball, fill with candy and close the hole in the top with cardboard.


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