Friday, 6 June 2014

Soccer Party

After the success of last year's pirate party my eight-year-old wanted to have his birthday party at home again this year, so once again we sent out invitations to his entire second-grade class and started planning.

Soccer ball cake, cupcakes, soccer party, kids party, birthday partyThe theme was a no-brainer this year - both the birthday boy and his older brother play rep soccer year-round with practices, games or tournaments every day of the week now that it's summer; I volunteer twenty hours a week for the boys' soccer club; and with the World Cup fast approaching soccer is life for this family these days.

Soccer ball pinata, soccer party, kids party, birthday party, paper mache pinata

We made a soccer ball pinata from paper mache, filled it with candy and chocolate and hung it from the tree in the front yard.

We set the kids up with a "Make-your-own soccer jersey" craft using plain white t-shirts and fabric markers to wear during our soccer game. 

Make your own shirt station, kids activities, kids party

Since there was such a large group of kids we rotated them between the t-shirt colouring station and an epic foosball tournament. (We have three foosball tables in this house. I'd rather not discuss it.)

Soccer ball cake, cupcakes, soccer party, kids party, birthday party

Once everyone had their jerseys designed and numbered we headed out back for a massive game of soccer.

Soccer cake, soccer pitch, soccer field, pretzel soccer nets, ice cream cake, birthday cake, kids cake, kids partyAfter the soccer game we did birthday presents and desserts (a soccer ball cake made from chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and an ice cream cake with whipped cream soccer pitch and pretzel goals) and a make-your-own ice cream sundae station.

Make-your-own sundae station, ice cream sundae, birthday party, kids party

Ice cream sundae, kids party, birthday party, dessert

We finished off the afternoon with a few swings at the soccer ball pinata and everyone went home with a loot bag full of candy and a soccer ball. 

An awesome afternoon of soccer-themed fun!

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  1. Your kids are so lucky! Your parties always look amazing.