Monday, 23 June 2014

School Fun Fair

We live in the best neighbourhood, the best community for children and families in the world. It is the warmest, friendliest, safest place you can imagine to raise a family - if you close your eyes and imagine the most idyllic picture-perfect family neighbourhood, that's what it's like here in Pleasantville.

And the same is true of our neighbourhood school. Our community is made up mostly of families with an at-home mom, so our parent council is very active. The community is very involved in the school and the school is very much a part of the community.

The highlight of the year for our school community is the year-end Family Fun Fair. Extravagant and over-the-top compared to most school fun fairs our council goes crazy with an unbeatable end-of-year celebration for the students and their families. Bouncy castles, obstacles courses, an inflatable gladiator ring; motorized racecars and motorcycles, a spinning carnival ride; a dance competition, a watermelon eating contest, games and prizes, face painting; burgers and sausages on the barbeque and ice cream trucks and and a field full of vendor tents with food.

It's an amazing way to celebrate the end of the school year and get together as a community and something our family looks forward to all year.

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