Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Canada Day Celebration

Canada Day - the first long weekend of summer vacation. The kids are finished school for a few months. The sun is blazing, the weather is gorgeous - what better way to spend the holiday than outdoors all day, soaking up the sunshine with family and friends and celebrating living in the best country in the world?

Our small town puts on a big Canada Day celebration every year. The morning starts with a parade and a maple-syrup-and-pancake breakfast and the afternoon is filled with fun family-friendly activities at the Town park.

There's a First Nations dance show, a bird and reptile show, an antique car show, and live concerts all day long.

There are bouncy castles and children's games and a petting zoo and barbeque and ice cream.

There's a passport activity for the kids - a station set up with an activity unique to each Canadian province or territory, stamps to collect at each of the thirteen stations, and a prize to collect once their "passports" are filled in. This year's activities included badminton, curling, hockey, mini-golf, an obstacle course, a relay race, tree planting, fishing, building a birdhouse, excavating for dinosaur bones and crafts.

And after a long day out at the park celebrating this amazing country of ours in this amazing community of ours we wander home for a backyard cookout - burgers and hot dogs and corn cooked over a bonfire and a couple of hours sipping cocktails, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the evening sunshine before walking back across the street to watch the fireworks over the water.

Happy Canada Day!

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