Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Science Centre: Discovery & Play

Ontario Science Centre, astronaut, kidsOur family has always been very much about outings and adventures and field trips. Weekend fairs and festivals, concerts and movies and theatre in the park, Town-hosted activities and events, trips to the zoo and the aquarium, amusement parks and museums. I love exploring and adventuring with my boys, making the most of our moments together and storing up memories for the future.

One of our favourite family field trips is to the Ontario Science Centre. We have an annual family membership, so we can go as often as we like and explore as much or as little of the interactive science museum as we like.

Since our children are still younger, our favourite area of the Science Centre is KidSpark, where in one section the kids can explore water and bubble play, play with a giant pinboard, experiment with light and mirrors and explore parts of the natural world and in another they can construct a house, build and test their own roller coaster, make their own music and rock out on stage, and go grocery shopping and check-out in their own realistic market. We can spend hours in this part of the museum alone - there's nothing children enjoy more that hands-on discovery and play.

The Living Earth is another favourite section with a giant rainforest habitat and waterfall to walk through, aquariums and terrariums and fish and frogs and all manner of insects on display, and a chance to make your own tornado and explore a cave.

The Science Arcade is a lot of fun, where the kids can interact with exhibits exploring the science of physics - a giant plasma ball, experiments with static electricity, a shadow tunnel, a bike generator and tricks with lights and perception and optical illusions.

The Space section of the Science Centre is fascinating - all children of a certain age love everything about space - but it's pretty dark in there and younger kids might be frightened. There are metoeorites from Mars, a rocket space chair, and the planetarium is by far the coolest part of the Space section.

The Science Centre is a wonderful way to spend a day with the family and a great indoor alternative for rainy-day field tripping. It's a different adventure every visit and an opportunity for kids to learn and discover while exploring and playing.

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