Friday, 4 July 2014

World Cup Crazy

Brasil World Cup swag, Brasil soccer ball, Brasil pennant, soccer, football, BrazilIt's World Cup time and the whole world has gone crazy over soccer. In this family where soccer games and practices fill up every evening and soccer tournaments fill every weekend we have now officially given over our lives to the sport, racing home to catch the games, planning activities and outings around the playoff schedule, filling in all our spare hours with highlights and updates.

Each of the boys has a favourite team and our house is completely kitted out in team swag - jerseys, t-shirts, banners pennants, and official team balls. My eldest son has an official FIFA sticker book and has been collecting stickers for all the international players. His brother has an enormous FIFA wall poster with the entire World Cup schedule printed on it and has been diligently filling in the scores and stats game by game.

It's awesome having something special to share that the entire family enjoys so much. It's an amazing learning experience for my elite little athletes to get to study how the pros play. And it's so much fun having this much excitement in the house for a whole month while we watch some of the best athletes on the planet play the beautiful game we love so much.

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