Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Garden Harvest Season

Home grown vegetables, organic vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, swiss chard, gardeningOur little backyard vegetable garden is finally coming into its own after a long, cold winter, late spring and a summer with weather all over the place. It's finally harvest season!

This year we pared down our garden to just those veggies we eat the most: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and Swiss chard. We planted the vegetables from seed last winter, dozens of teeny-tiny little pots of soil and seeds lined up along our sunny kitchen windowsills, watered and watched day after day for those first little green sprouts to start peeking out and strung up with kitchen skewers and straws when the sprouts began to wind their way up the california shutters.

When spring finally sprung we moved the plants outside and planted them in the freshly-prepared composted soil in our backyard vegetable garden. We planted the Swiss chard from seed in stages, staggering the planting so that we'd have fresh greens ready to pick every day once they grew in.

And it's finally harvest time! The cucumbers and peppers are thriving this year and the tomatoes are finally starting to come in. We have fresh Swiss chard in our salad every night and I've been cooking with fresh basil and thyme all summer. There's nothing better than eating fresh, organic vegetables grown and harvested with our own hands in our own backyard!

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