Friday, 15 August 2014

Make-Your-Own Ice Cream!

Summer has suddenly turned cold and wet in this part of the world, putting a damper on the bike ride-picnic-park-pool routine most of our family's summer days take. There are only so many board games we can play, forts we can build, foosball tournaments we can have and Lego creations we can make before this active, outdoor family begins to go stir-crazy inside. So how can we make the most of summer vacation days stuck indoors? Outdoor activities inside!

We pulled the coffee table out of the living room and spread out the big, colourful woven Mexican blanket we use for picnics. Big crusty buns with homemade jam, slices of cheese and cucumbers from the garden, peaches and pears and bowls of fresh blueberries and the kids' favourite home-baked fruit muffins. Our indoor picnic was just as much fun as a picnic in the park!

Our usual sunny summer afternoons outside tend to involve cool treats - so why should a cold summer day stuck inside be any different? We made our own ice cream!

My parents bought this awesome ice cream maker for my oldest son for Christmas last year, but you could make your own ice cream just as easily using two Ziploc freezer bags (one large, one small.)

Vanilla Ice Cream:

4 cups of milk or cream
1 tablespoon vanilla
3/4 cup sugar

Make Your Own Ice Cream, vanilla ice cream1. Mix all ingredients and pour in inner chamber (or smaller freezer bag.) If using bags, place small bag inside large bag. 
2. Fill large chamber (or larger freezer bag) with ice. Add 1 cup rock salt or kosher salt.
3, Seal chambers or bags. Mix for 15 minutes.
4. Open large chamber or bag, remove water and ice, replace with fresh ice. Open small chamber or bag, stir thickening cream. Seal chambers or bags. Mix for 15 minutes more.
5. Open small chamber or bag, now filled with finished ice cream; serve and enjoy!

Because we made ours in this cool ball-shaped chamber, my boys rolled and passed the ball back and forth across the indoor picnic area to shake and mix the ingredients. 

And after half an hour of fun we had our very own homemade vanilla ice cream - delicious!

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