Wednesday, 3 September 2014


My babies have gone back to school.

I know I'm supposed to be jumping for joy, dancing in the driveway as I gleefully wave good-bye, the refrain from Andy Williams' Most Wonderful Time of the Year swelling in my head before I sit back and sip at my morning coffee in serene silence. But...I'm not.

I miss my boys.

I love our summers at home together. I love our fun family field trips, the zoo and the botanical garden and the Ex, and I love our lazy days at home. I love bike riding through the neighbourhood and hiking in the ravine and playing at the park. I love playing in the sandbox and swimming in the pool and making murals with sidewalk chalk. I love picnicking and playing soccer and going to the splash pad. I love lounging around in jammies all morning and playing board games for hours and curling up together to read and watch movies. I love having my boys home.

And now they're back to school, another year older, another grade older, off to learn and grow a little more every day - and I miss them like crazy.

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