Friday, 19 September 2014

Competitive Banquet

Another long season of soccer has come to an end - eleven months of training, four practices per week, a full summer of weekly games and tournaments every weekend, volunteering and fundraising commitments, fourteen hours' commitment per week and another almost twenty hours' work for Mom as manager for both teams. We're exhausted - but so proud of our little soccer superstars. And what better way to celebrate a whole year of hard work than with a big night out?

Banquet, banquet hall, disco ball, strobe lightsThe year the soccer club hosted their end-of-year competitive banquet as a formal event at a high-end banquet hall. It was a night to remember for the kids - fancy dress, formal table seating, a big buffet dinner and dancing to a DJ all night long. It was the sort of special night out kids don't often get to attend - a real grown-up event designed just for them.

My boys were so excited when we walked in and they took it all in - pounding music, strobe lights and disco balls, table linens and balloons and streamers in the club colours, a slide show of all the rep players and teams playing on two enormous projection tv's on either side of the glittering trophy table above stage. It was more than they'd dreamed.

What an amazing treat to celebrate a successful season and a year's hard work for my little athletes and their teammates.

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