Monday, 8 September 2014

Make-Your-Own Crayon Craft

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If you have kids, your house is full of crayons. No-one even knows where they came from - a box or two bought when the kids were toddlers and first able to grip them with their chubby fingers for those first scribbles, a couple of boxes received as gifts over the years, an emergency box popped in your purse to prevent boredom meltdowns when you're out - suddenly one day you realize there are literally thousands of crayons in a half-dozen locations all over your house.

We have an enormous Rubbermaid bin full of crayons at the craft table in our playroom. And, like every crayon collection, at least half of them are broken. What to do with all those little broken bits of coloured wax? Melt them down to make new crayons!

1. Pick out all the broken crayon bits you want to use up and peel the paper off carefully.

2. Line muffin tins or silicone trays with aluminum foil. If using muffin tins, place a cookie cutter shape inside to create the crayon shape. We used puzzle-shaped silicone trays for our shapes - the oven-safe silicone is very easy to bend and pop out the shapes.

3. Fill the trays with the broken crayon bits.

4. Place in 200F oven until crayon bits are melted - make sure they look like liquid all the way through without any solid chunks left. (Ours took about 45 minutes.)

5. Remove from oven and leave in trays until cooled completely. Remove crayons and enjoy!

make your own crayon craft
 make your own crayon craft

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