Friday, 12 September 2014

Milestone Birthday (My Baby's Growing Up)

My oldest son turns ten years old today.

Ten. Years. Old.

My sweet, squishy baby. My innocent little angel. Ten years old.

Ten years ago today he came into the world and changed my world forever - changed who I was, changed how I saw the world, changed my whole life. The day he was born I learned how much my heart could love.

For ten years we have lived and learned together. For ten years I have learned from him as he explores and discovers the world with that wide-eyed mixture of wonder and curiosity and joy that only children have. For ten years I have watched him grow from a baby to a boy, awestruck and amazed and bursting with pride over the person he's become. For ten years my heart has broken every day with love.

I love his sweetness, his selflessness, his sensitivity, his big-heartedness. I love watching him with his brothers and seeing how much they all adore each other. I love his curiosity, his creativity, his enthusiasm for everything. I love listening to his stories, eagerly describing his day at school or the scene he just read in his book or the alternate ending he imagines for the movie he just watched. I love how passionate he is about the things he loves and how determined he is when he sets a goal. I love how carefree and casual and easy-going he is, friends with everyone, gliding through life with an easy, cheerful smile.

I can't believe my baby boy is ten years old already - big enough that he's more the young man he will one day be than the baby he once was, small enough that he still crawls into my lap for snuggles. The time goes so quickly, the moments become memories in the blink of an eye.

hamburger cupcakes, birthday cake, kids birthday, baking, fondant
Hamburger Cupcakes for my burger-obsessed boy!
Happy Birthday to my big little boy, my angel, my love.

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  1. The way you write about being a mom always makes me cry. It's beautiful.