Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Minecraft Party

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For my son's tenth birthday we did a Minecraft-themed party - Creeper cakes, licorice TNT, Creeper rice cereal squares, and plates of gold ore (cantalope) and redstone (strawberries).

Minecraft partyFor the licorice TNT, I cut lengths of red licorice into thirds and bundled them together with ribbon.

The TNT boxes were made from simple folded paper.

Minecraft party, Creeper squaresFor the Creeper rice cereal squares I made the squares according to the usual recipe, then added green food colouring to the melted marshmallow mix before adding the rice cereal.

The face details were added using homemade rolled marshmallow fondant coloured black.

The Creeper cakes were incredibly time-consuming and labour-intensive. I started with two double-layered square cakes iced together and chilled.

I then made an enormous batch of green marshmallow fondant, rolled it and cut it into fifty equal squares.

I placed the squares on the cakes with tiny spaces in between to mimic the pixelated look of the game and characters.

Minecraft party, Creeper cake

I then mixed up a batch of black food colouring and painted on Creeper's face details with a miniature basting brush.

Minecraft party, Creeper tissue paper puffs

Every corner of the room was crammed with Creeper tissue paper puffs.

My son was out of his mind when we surprised him with his Minecraft-themed birthday party!

Minecraft party

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