Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Fall Leaf Crafts

As soon as the leaves begin to change colour and scatter the ground underfoot each fall kids begin to collect them by the armful and bring them home. Though they don't stay bright and beautiful forever those colourful autumn leaves can make great craft items for little ones while they're here.

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Fall Leaf Rubbing

Even toddlers can manage this easy, colourful craft. Place a piece of parchment paper over leaves collected from the ground. Rub (or scribble) with crayons in fall colours over the leaves. Tape the parchment paper on the window and let the sun filter through the "stained glass" autumn leaves.

Fall Leaf Placemat

Collect leaves in as many different colours and shapes as you can find. Before they begin to dry out, arrange the leaves on a piece of paper. Carefully stretch plastic wrap across the full paper and press beneath a heavy book for a day or so. Remove the book and affix the ends of the plastic wrap to a piece of cardboard behind the paper. Use as a placemat on your Thanksgiving dinner table!

Fall Tree Craft

Cut a tree shape from craft paper. Let your toddler paint the tree in fall colours. When the paint dries, help them glue the leaves they've collected onto the tree. A cute fall creation for little crafters!

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