Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Minecraft Creeper Costume

My oldest son, at ten years old, is straddling that line between little boy and pre-teen kid. Coming up with a Halloween costume that was kind of cool and not babyish but not scary was a little more challenging this year, but we settled on Creeper from Minecraft and he was very excited.

Creeper costume, Minecraft, Halloween, homemade costumeI wrapped cardboard boxes in plastic dollar store tablecloths. We collected a few dozen paint chips in various shades of green from the hardware store and glued them on for that Minecraft pixel look. I cut the eyes, nose and mouth shapes out and glued black pantyhose on the inside of the mask to cover the holes - opaque black from the outside just like Creeper, but see-through from the inside so my son could walk around safely at school all day and trick-or-treat through the neighbourhood at night.

My son was out of his mind with excitement when he saw the finished product. I'm pretty proud of that homemade Creeper costume!

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  1. I know absolutely nothing about Minecraft, but this is amazing!!!