Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas Crafts with Twigs

Before the ground gets too snow-covered to collect all those twigs and pinecones scattered under the trees, send the kids out to gather a few armfuls for crafting. These Christmas trees and snowflakes made from twigs are a fun craft for kids to make and can be lovely seasonal decor either indoors or out!

twig snowflake craft, kids crafts, Christmas crafts, winter craftsTwig Snowflake

Gather twigs of different sizes and cut to the desired lengths. 
Lay out twigs in snowflake shapes and tie together. 
Put a dab of craft glue at each joint to make sure they stay in place.
Sprinkle with craft glitter, hang and enjoy!

twig tree craft, kids crafts, Christmas crafts

Twig Tree

Gather twigs of different sizes.
Lay twigs out on a sheet of paper (we used wrapping paper to make our craft even more festive!) smallest to largest. Cut ends as necessary to create a tree shape.
Glue each twig to the paper backing.

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