Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Crafts with Wool

Now that the cold weather is here and most of our activities have moved indoors the kids and I have started some of our Christmas crafting. These easy, kid-friendly crafts require nothing more than paper, wool, felt and whatever little sparkly somethings you can find in the craft drawer or dollar store craft aisle.

wrapped wool Christmas tree craft, crafts, kids crafts, Christmas crafts Wrapped Wool Christmas Trees

These wrapped wool Christmas trees are super easy to make and lots of fun for kids to decorate. 
Simply roll a piece of paper into a cone and glue in place. Wrap a length of wool from one end of the cone to the other, tucking the ends underneath. 
Decorate with gems or sequins or sparkly ornaments.

wrapped wool Christmas wreath craft, kids crafts

Wrapped Wool Christmas Wreaths

To make these wrapped wool Christmas wreaths, cut out a cardboard circle for the form of the wreath. Wrap a length of wool all the way around until the form is completely covered. Tuck the ends underneath. Decorate with a bow or ornament.

wool pom-pom snowman craft, kids crafts

Wool Pom-Pom Snowman

Make your own pom-poms in the desired sizes (easy wool pom-pom tutorial here). Stack largest to smallest like a snowman and glue together. Cut out felt shapes for the details and add googly eyes for a cheerful little never-melt snowman!

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