Friday, 12 December 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Tags

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is giving gifts to the people we love. There's no better feeling than making or buying something for someone else that we can't wait for them to open because we just know they'll love it. 

Unfortunately, the gifts I give are rarely packaged quite as lovely as I'd like them to be. Presents are never purchased as early as I'd like, I'm never quite as close to done shopping as I think, there are always a million last-minute things to pick up, make, bake, box, wrap and mail, and the majority of my wrapping is done after midnight on Christmas Eve. Lots of wrapping paper but no prettily tied and curled ribbons or bows and no thoughtful cards attached - it's store-bought gift tags at best and names scrawled right on the gift wrap with a Sharpie at worst. I love the idea of prettily packaged presents - curling ribbon and red velvet bows and glittery ornaments dangling - but in this house it's always been just a fantasy.

This year, however, for the first time in recorded history, I actually managed to finish my Christmas shopping by December first. All of it. Every last gift. So I thought, just for fun, I'd try doing my Christmas wrapping before Christmas Eve. And since those gifts are being wrapped and placed under the tree a few at a time so long before Christmas they absolutely have to be labelled. So I decided to make these handmade gift tags this year!

handmade Christmas gift tags, crafts, Christmas crafts, paper snowflakes
Handmade Christmas gift tags

handmade Christmas gift tags, crafts, kids crafts, Christmas craftsThe boys and I have been making lots of paper snowflakes lately, so we gathered some small ones to use for our gift tags and collected odds and ends of other Christmassy items we could use - wrapping paper, ribbon, cut-up greeting cards, small ornaments, pinecones, craft glitter and gems.
handmade Christmas gift tags, crafts, kids crafts, Christmas craftsWe used small sticky labels for the "to" and "from" part of the gift tag and used our creativity to make each special paper snowflake Christmas tag unique!

What a great way to personalize and pretty-up a Christmas gift for someone special, and what a fun little Christmas craft to do with the kids on a snowy winter afternoon!

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