Friday, 16 January 2015

Back to Reality

January means back to reality.

As the temperatures drop dramatically from the mild early winter days of December when we cozy up for Christmas break into the breath-catching iciness of January and we're left staring down months of bleak winter weather, we're slapped with the reality that the holidays are over for another year and it's time to slip back into the regular routine of life.

It's hard not to feel a sense of letdown at this time of year as we abruptly switch gears from the holiday season back into our ordinary everyday.

There's such a build-up to Christmas - the neighbourhood houses strung with twinkling lights, the garland and red ribbons wrapped around every porch, the glittering ornaments dripping from trees and decorations crammed into every corner, the cheerful carols piping through every speaker.

There are weeks and weeks of fun activities for the kids - Santa Claus parades and storytime with Mrs. Claus, the Christmas play at the community theatre and the town tree lighting ceremony, the ritual of picking out and bringing home the Christmas tree, writing and posting letters to Santa and visiting him at the mall, Christmas crafts and Christmas baking and Christmas movies and specials on tv.

There's that cozy-warm feeling of family. There's the children's excitement. There's the anticipation of something big and special just around the corner. There's the sparkling magic of Christmas itself.

There's the utter joy of having the kids home all day, every day - lazing around in jammies until afternoon, hours of board games and card games and movies, snowforts in the backyard and sledding at the park and skating at the outdoor rink, playing with all the new Lego sets and video games, staying up late for movie nights and slumber parties with popcorn and hot chocolate.

And then - snap - it's back to reality.

Back to school, back to work. The tree is down, the decorations are packed away, the lights have been unplugged. The cozy-warm glow of December has given way to the stark, glaring white of January and a new year.

Another holiday gone, another year passed.

I'm trying to live in these moments and cherish this time making memories and living and loving. But it's hard not to feel wistful as time keeps marching on and my babies just keep growing up.

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