Friday, 23 January 2015

Indoor Winter Activities

It's easy enough to keep kids entertained outdoors on wintery days: skating, sledding, snowforts, snowball fights, building snowmen, winter walks or just playing at the park - as long as everyone is bundled up well there's plenty to keep little ones entertained outside during the long winter months.

But what of those days when it's just too damn cold to go outside? When the windchill drops down below -20 or -30 degrees and the air hurts your skin and the cold seeps through your clothes no matter how many layers you put on?

Curling up on the couch for a family movie together is always fun, and the kids love playing video games - but we make an effort to limit screen time. Board games and card games are always lots of fun - but there are only so many times you can play Scrabble and Uno and Monopoly before you've Just. Had. Enough.

Lego projects and construction toys are lots of fun and a fantastic way for kids to use their imaginations and keep busy all day long. My older boys and I have always been into crafts and we love to take our projects to the next level, taking little craft ideas and adding to them and building them up into epic, multi-phase, all-day projects. These epic crafts a great way to keep kids engaged and creative.

science at home
My eight-year-old is still very into creating and crafting and coming up with cool projects of his own, but my oldest, at ten, is growing out of that interest. These science kits were an awesome alternative activity. We broke them out this week and spent a happy several hours putting together our aquariums and studying earth and environmental science.

science at home
Middle Child is growing his own prehistoric triops pets from eggs and learning all about their characteristics and habitats. Oldest Child is growing an underwater rock crystal garden and studying crystals and how they grow.

What a fun little project to keep the kids engaged and having fun while learning during those cold winter days stuck indoors!

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