Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter Crafting

My creative little middle child and I have been whiling away our winter afternoons with some fun cold-weather crafts these last few weeks. He loves coming up with ideas for crafts on his own and trying out different materials and methods to make them work or putting his own unique spin on a craft project he did at school or saw in a book or on a show. Winter is a great time to stretch his imagination when the cold keeps us stuck indoors anyway and since Christmas vacation he's been keeping his crafting winter-themed.

Kitchen Foil Winter Trees

kitchen foil winter tree craft, crafts, kids crafts, winter crafts

Winter Wonderland Painting

winter wonderland painting, crafts, kids crafts

Snowman Chalk Drawing

snowman chalk drawing, crafts, kids crafts

Paper Snowflake Winter Trees

paper snowflake winter trees, crafts, kids crafts

marshmallow snowmenAnd what better snack to serve my creative little guy in his winter wonderland of crafts than some marshmallow snowmen?

Welcome winter - and happy crafting!

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