Friday, 20 March 2015

Cherishing Family Moments

When this post goes live I will still be in Florida basking on the beach in the glorious southern sunshine enjoying the pure pleasure of pressure-free family time and the absolute indulgence of a Disney vacation. But what I will be cherishing the most is the quality time making memories with my favourite people in the world

Everyone has their priorities. For our family, the biggest priority is always family time - whether that family time is a movie night at home, an afternoon at the zoo, a picnic at the park, cheering on one or another of the kids field-side or a week beach-and-poolside at a Walt Disney World resort. No matter how much we focus on that family time, life can often get in the way - work, school, sports, volunteering; it's amazing how much quality time can be whittled away just returning a quick email or picking something up from the club or scrawling a few notes for an impending deadline. So our annual Disney vacation - when the only focus is family fun - is a welcome treat.

It's an indulgence. It's a splurge. It takes a lot of saving, it takes a lot of planning. And it's worth every moment of planning and saving.

These moments, these memories - they're priceless.

These moments won't last forever. These special moments with our babies, these irreplaceable moments with our boys - these are the moments that memories are made of, that family is made of, the fragments of time and snippets of space that weave together to form the fabric of our lives.

Our little boys won't be little forever. These precious family moments will one day be a memory, so I'm doing my best to cherish them while I can. To watch my little boys learn and grow, to rediscover the world with them through their wondrous eyes, to play and be silly, to explore and create, to live in the moment, to teach them and learn from them and love them.

This is what's important in life - love and family and making memories, whether those memories are made on a beach building sandcastles in the sun or in your backyard building forts in the snow, watching fireworks over Cinderella's castle at Walt Disney World or reading stories snuggled up in bed at home, walking through the neighbourhood talking over your day or playing board games at the kitchen table. Live a life you love, cherish every moment, and spend your time making memories that will last forever.

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