Friday, 27 March 2015

Wool Easter Egg Craft

Wool Easter Egg Craft, Easter, crafts, kids crafts

I tried my hand at this wool craft a few years ago to use in my sons' "Underwater Pirate Paradise" bedroom without much success, but I thought I'd try it again this year as an Easter craft for the kids. We scaled back the size and had much more success with the project.

To make these colourful wool-wrapped Easter egg decorations, blow up a balloon to use as the mold. We barely inflated ours, keeping it quite small - I think size was our problem the first time around and the reason our craft didn't turn out how we hoped.

Dip lengths of colourful craft wool into white craft glue and wrap around the balloon. Do as many layers as you like, ensuring that each piece of wool overlaps some of the others a few times. Be sure to protect your work area - this is a very messy craft!

When the glue dries completely, carefully puncture the balloon with a pin and gently peel the layers of rubber away from the wool. The stiff wool will retain the shape of the balloon and voila - a colourful, crafty Easter egg!

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