Monday, 11 May 2015

Getting Our Spring Garden Growing

Though it's not yet the May long weekend - the official kick-off of summer in Canada - we've already started our spring gardening. We're patiently waiting until the two-four weekend to fill the flower beds with blooms and transplant the carefully cultivated herbs and veggies from their teeny-tiny greenhouse into our kitchen vegetable garden; but we've been hard at work for weeks getting the rest of the yard warm weather ready.

We completely ripped out the front garden which has been dying a slow, painful death since the massive ice storm that damaged so much of this part of the world last winter. At one time we thought the cedars might recover, but after another winter it became pretty clear they weren't going to make it. We replaced the dead brown cedars with spanky new green ones and the pathetic assortment of mismatched shrubbery with a couple of variations of boxwood. A summer or two of growth and our front garden will be beautiful.

Sunny yellow flowers spill out of hanging baskets welcoming visitors at the front door and more baskets of lush droopy ferns drape down from the trellis atop our back deck. The perennials in our back garden are actually coming up again despite how many times we've dug everything up and transplanted and rearranged back there over the last few years and both the mature strawberry plants and the newly planted blueberry bushes are blooming cheerfully.

I'm pretty pleased with our early spring gardens and can't wait for the long weekend to get the rest of the plants in the ground.

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