Friday, 15 May 2015

Outdoor Sports Season

And just like that, the outdoor season is upon us.

Though house league sports haven't started yet - baseball for my oldest and soccer for Baby Boy - rep sports run year-round and the opening of the Town outdoor facilities means my oldest two have moved from the indoor turf to the outdoor soccer fields.

This, this is what summer means to me. Sitting field-side in folding chairs with the other soccer moms, more family than friends after so many years together. The slowly sinking sun warming the skin on our bare arms and legs, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the shouts from the coaches and the boys as they drill and scrimmage and race up and down the pitch in front of us. This is what summer means.

I'm so happy the outdoor sports season is finally here. If anyone needs me I'll be field-side for the next five months!

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