Monday, 22 June 2015

Barbecues, Bouncy Castles, Festivals & Fairs!

It's that time of year, when the sheer joy of summer and sunshine become cause for celebration and there's an outdoor festival or fair every single weekend.

On the May long weekend our town holds a community fair at one of the local parks - pirate and princess-themed games and activities, bouncy castles, vendors selling hot dogs and popcorn and an outdoor movie when the sun goes down.

The following weekend was a huge block party at the splash pad park hosted and sponsored by a group of local shops and our community association. Carnival games, more bouncy castles, balloons and face painting for the kids, cotton candy and tons of tasty treats donated by local restaurants.

The next two weekends were the soccer festivals for our two soccer clubs - soccer games and mini tourneys all weekend, sports challenges and obstacle courses, sponsor giveaways, more bouncy castles and an enormous inflatable slide.

And this weekend was our school barbecue - an absolute circus with a half-dozen bouncy castles, slides, an inflatable obstacle course and maze, motorized ride-ons, a gladiator ring, a wrecking ball ring, carnival games and face painting and a massive dance-off. There was a DJ pumping tunes all evening, contests and prizes and dozens of food truck vendors serving up every carnival treat imaginable - burgers and sausages and cotton candy and kettle corn and soft-serve ice cream coated in chocolate. My boys look forward to the end-of-year school barbecue all year long - and their favourite part is the watermelon eating contest, which my oldest son has won two years in a row!

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I feel so lucky to live in such an amazing neighbourhood with so many incredible community events. It's a wonderful way to welcome summer, a great way to feel a part of the community, and such a fun way to spend our weekends.

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