Monday, 8 June 2015

Day Off Sports

The weather this past week or two has not been particularly cooperative for those of us with a tightly-packed outdoor sports schedule - endless rain, brief periods of non-committal sunshine threatened by ominous-looking clouds, the edges of the tumbled sky laced with brown, the sound of rolling thunder rumbling in the distance.

Our days have been filled with watching the sky, checking the soccer club website and the Town hotline for field status updates, texting back and forth with other soccer parents to coordinate contingency plans for carpools and cancellations and field changes. Our soccer teams play rain or shine - the only thing that stops them is lightning - but some of our fields and diamonds are low-lying and impossibly impassable when wet so a lot of last-minute location shuffling is required when it's been raining heavily.

This evening, for the first time in I can't remember how long, we had the night off of sports. No baseball, no soccer. No practices or games or technical training or conditioning. Nothing. The drizzle all day and the distant rumble of thunder combined with the severe storm warning and tornado watch was enough to frighten the forces that be into closing all fields entirely - right before the sun burst through the clouds and the sky cleared right up.

We spend our sunny soccer-free evening playing in the backyard. We barbecued dinner out on the deck. We went for a long, leisurely after-dinner walk through the trails of the arboretum that wraps around our neighbourhood. We had a bedtime snack of ice cream and berries on the back deck and watched the sunset.

We love our summer sports and summer evenings spent field-side. But what a nice treat to have a whole night off to just hang out together and enjoy a relaxing summer evening at home.

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