Friday, 26 June 2015

End of School

This week was the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation. Two and a half months (seventy-five days - the kids counted) of long, lazy summer days at home with my babies. No more school, no more work, no more of that dreaded home daycare. Just me and my boys.


The usual end-of-school elation has been building up all week, starting with the school barbecue last weekend, class field trips to the movie theatre and splash pad this week, the end-of-year school playday and the boys' last day of school parties. But the real moment of unbridled joy was the second the door closed behind those daycare kids leaving our house for the last time - the house erupted in cheers and dancing and the general jubilation of absolute freedom.

We celebrated the boys' last day of school and my last day of daycare with drinks and nachos on our favourite neighbourhood patio before the boys' baseball and soccer practices.

We celebrated the first day of summer vacation with a lovely little sleep-in and make-your-own omelettes for breakfast. We went for a bike ride through the ravine, played at the splash pad and picnicked at the park for lunch. My oldest was invited to an end-of-school pool party in the afternoon so the younger boys and I loaded up the water guns and balloons and had a massive water fight in the backyard.

What a perfect start to our summer vacation!

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