Friday, 17 July 2015

Art Wall Farewell

As a part of our massive housecleaning and purge earlier this summer our basement playroom got an enormous facelift - we removed unnecessary furniture, we re-thought where and how we used things, we re-purposed some of our storage solutions, we purged and pared down and consolidated and generally made the room much more organized and user-friendly. 

gallery art wall, kids art, art display, playroomIn keeping with our clean, clutter-free, visually calm new space, we also decided to take down the gallery art wall in the basement. Even with only two special pieces displayed per kid per year, with three kids the display was starting to get out of hand.
We carefully and lovingly took the pieces down (our basement looks huge now!) and sorted through them together. The kids picked out their absolute favourites - a much more pared-down collection - which are waiting to be sized and framed. The new, sleek, properly framed gallery of artwork will be displayed in the upstairs hallway on the enormous, empty two-storey wall above the stair landing that has stared blankly at us for four years. 

Updates to follow!

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  1. Can't wait to see your new gallery wall! What a great idea and such an amazing way to celebrate your kids' artwork!

    1. Thanks Mel - our own kids' art is definitely our favourite kind of art! I'm waffling over picture frames for the gallery wall...this could take a while...