Monday, 10 August 2015

Mid-Summer Pause

It's hard to believe this summer's half over. The last summer before my youngest baby goes off to join his big brothers at school full-time. The last summer before I go back to work outside the home.

We were so looking forward to this summer, the boys and I, our reward after a difficult year of doing home daycare for those poor neighbour children. It stretched out endlessly in front of us, a glittering golden dream, ten tantalizing weeks of sunshine and outdoor play and long, lazy days at home and sports nights at the field.

And now - somehow - in the blink of an eye it's half over. We've not done nearly so much in the way of field tripping and special events as we normally do; it took a few weeks just to decompress and unwind from the misery of that home daycare nightmare. Our evenings and weekends are completely eaten up by baseball and soccer and my soccer club commitments tend to take up a lot more hours out of every week than I intend.

Catching up on social obligations postponed during the end-of-school, beginning-of-outdoor-sports, winding-down-of-daycare months has taken several weeks; hosting a half-dozen playdates for friends who understandingly kept inviting our kids over while the daycare kids were here without expecting an invite in return, a long-overdue trip to my parents' place up north, a long-promised slumber party for the boys and their friends, catching up with friends there just never seems to be time to see during the school year. Just trying to coordinate around our evening and weekend sports obligations has been challenging enough that it's taken the better part of the summer to get caught up.

And here we are, August already, and beginning to feel that inevitable wind down toward fall - back to school, back to work, back to reality. And I don't feel nearly ready to feel that way.

I want to savour every precious moment we have left of our summer. I want to revel in the freedom of endless unplanned lazy days with my babies, of staying in our jammies until noon and building sofa forts to curl up and watch movies in, of drifting from the backyard to the park and back again all day, of bike riding and rollerblading all over the neighbourhood and through the trails of the ravine, of watergun fights and running through the sprinkler, of ice cream treats and picnic lunches and puttering around the yard, of golden evenings on the ball diamond and the soccer pitch surrounded by our surrogate sports families.

I'm holding on to this summer, to these moments, for as long as I can.

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