Monday, 7 September 2015

Farewell Summer

It's the end of summer and I kind of can't believe it.

We were looking forward to this particular summer even more than ever before - the summer that marked the end of my home daycare, the summer that would be our last at home together before Baby went off to school and I went off to work. It would be wonderful. We would make millions of memories. We would enjoy every moment.

And we did. all went way too fast.

We slept in every morning and lazed around in jammies. We went bike riding and rollerblading and took long walks through the ravine. We made sidewalk chalk murals and played in the sandbox and had epic water balloon and Nerf gun fights in the backyard. We visited the splash pad and the skate park and went on picnics and joined the reading club at the library. We went out for ice cream and explored the arboretum. We played at the park every day. We took day trips to the beach and the zoo. The boys had baseball or soccer (or both) every night. On rainy days we played board games and Wii Sports and curled up to watch movies.

When school ended back in June the summer stretched endlessly before us, one gloriously unplanned day after another. In the middle of the summer my husband took a week off for a lovely little family staycation - a trip up north, a day out on the boat; one afternoon at the botanical garden, another afternoon at the zoo; Wonderland, the waterpark, and our annual family camping trip.

And then - suddenly - with more than a month still left to enjoy our summer, time started to speed up. The days and weeks started slipping away - soccer tournament, baseball tournament, sleepover party for the boys and their friends; one last picnic in the park, one last trip to the splash pad, the water park, the zoo, one last Movies in the Park night - and suddenly now it's Labour Day weekend and a day out at the CNE and then back to school tomorrow.

We've had such a wonderful summer. I can't believe it's over so soon!

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