Monday, 28 September 2015

Spiderman Activity Box

Spiderman activity box, kids activities

I have had so many compliments about this activity box that I thought it was worth a blog post.

Three kids in, we've become fairly expert at getting around and getting things done with a minimum of extra baggage, whether it's been using my oversized purse as a combo purse-slash-diaper-bag or keeping the kids' sports equipment pre-packed on standby in the hall closet or packing for an entire family vacation in only carry-ons. I'm a little obsessive about organization and decluttering to begin with, and with a family of five and an activity schedule as hectic as ours having to pack and bring anything more than what we absolutely need is simply out of the question.

Our boys have been attending each other's soccer and baseball practices and games since they were young and have become pretty adept at entertaining themselves if they get bored of watching. There are always other kids around, there are always a few extra soccer balls floating around the field, and my purse can usually be counted on to contain crayons and a notepad, a few dinky cars and a granola bar or two. Our poor youngest, though, five years younger, has been stuck in the role of spectator since birth. Literally, since birth; he first had to sit through one of his brother's soccer practices at forty-eight hours old and has been field-side almost every night of his life ever since.

Walking at nine months old and eager to do absolutely everything his bigger brothers did, keeping this kid entertained through hours in the stands or beside the soccer field six or seven days a week, every week, all year round was a bit of a challenge. So I put together this activity box which is always packed and ready to go by the front door.

We started with a metal Spiderman lunch box - my eldest's first lunch box, long since retired, which Baby has loved to carry around since he was small to play pretend school. I filled it with a box of crayons and a pad of coloured construction paper, pencils and eraser and pencil sharpener, dinky cars, dinosaurs, action figures, playing cards and a favourite ball.

Spiderman activity box, kids activities, colouring, crayons, Minions, playing cards, Thomas, action figures, dinky cars

It's small, compact, easy to carry and always ready to go when we're racing out the door for sports. I swap out the small toys every couple of weeks to stave off boredom, and our little Spiderman activity box has kept our youngest kid happy and entertained for countless hours field-side at countless soccer games and practices over the last few years.

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