Monday, 9 November 2015

Crafts for Christmas

I know it's only November. I know. But Halloween is over, which means Christmas is the next big thing to look forward to. The kids have already started making their wish lists. I've started digging out the Christmas decorations and begun mentally blinging out our living room. We even watched our first Christmas movie of the season this weekend. So you'll just have to bear with me. I don't care that it's only November - it's time to start thinking about Christmas. Christmas decorating, Christmas baking, Christmas gifting and entertaining and celebrating. And, of course, Christmas crafting!

Here are some of my favourite finds so far for Christmas crafting this year.
Sport Sock Snowman Craft
Christmas Tealight Holder Craft
Photo & Instructions:
Button Christmas Tree Craft
Paintbrush Santa Craft
Orange Slice Ornament Craft

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