Friday, 6 November 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns

This year was probably our family's simplest Halloween yet.

The kids picked out, prepped and designed their own jack-o-lanterns. (The adults carved, of course!)
We set the pumpkins on the front porch, draped the entire front garden, stairs and porch in stretchy synthetic spiderweb and turned on the smoke machine. Voila - a spooky Halloween welcome for trick-or-treaters.

I made my traditional Halloween dinner "jack-o-lantern" stuffed peppers - orange peppers hollowed out and carved like a pumpkin stuffed with cottage cheese, diced tomatoes and onions with basil, and sprinkled with cheese and baked. Delish - and a family favourite for Halloween.

Halloween stuffed peppers, jack-o-lantern, Halloween dinner, Halloween treats
And this year's costumes were all homemade or reused - no crazy crafting and planning for Mommy this year!

My oldest wanted to be Creeper again (which was awesome, since I spent about a zillion hours planning and creating that costume for him last year!) It needed some freshening up and a few small repairs after last year's trick-or-treating rainstorm, but it was a fairly quick fix - and once again was the most impressive costume in the neighbourhood. Literally every family we passed commented on how amazing it was.
(Full Creeper costume instructions here.)

Halloween costumes, ninja costume, Ninja Turtle costume, Creeper costume, kids costumes, trick-or-treatingMy younger son wanted to be a ninja, so we started with our dress-up chest, which is filled to overflowing with costumes and masks, weapons and accessories. Sure enough, we found a ninja mask, swords and ninja stars. He paired the mask with black track pants and a black hoodie and we covered the ensemble with a black kimono-style bathrobe. I sewed loops to the back of the robe to hold the swords and looped a belt high around his waist to hold the weapons. Easy - and free - ninja costume!

And Baby boy just dug through the dress-up chest and the closet of hanging costumes to pick his Ninja Turtle costume - with over a decade's worth of his brother's costumes to pick from, he was is heaven. And I was pretty excited the costume could get a second use!

It rained again, of course. After a warm week and a dry, sunny day the drizzling started just as we stepped outside to go trick-or-treating. Of course. But the kids had fun despite the rain. Happy Halloween!

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