Monday, 28 December 2015

Proud Mom

I know I write a lot about my boys' sports. Sports are a big part of our family life at this point in our lives, and I'm just so proud of my little athletes.

My oldest, who loves playing sports for the sheer love of playing sports.
Football, rugby, track and cross country at school. Baseball in a spring and summer rec league. Soccer year-round on a rep team. This kid is never happier than when he's playing a sport that he loves - any sport - winning or losing, in a competitive arena or just pick up ball with a couple of buddies in the park. He gets so much joy out of just playing. And it's so joyful to watch.

My middle child, so cripplingly shy that it took five years of playing soccer before he was finally brave enough to tell his rep coach that he wanted to try for goalkeeper. Less than a year of hard training later, he led his team to second place in their division and by the end of the season was being recruited by opposing teams' coaches, then beat out all the existing keepers for the number one goalkeeper spot on one of the top teams in the top division and is now being trained by the provincial development head coach. He lives for those training sessions. It's amazing to watch how much he thrives under tough training and pressure.

I'm just so proud of my little athletes. There's nothing I love more than watching my boys play the game they love.

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