Monday, 21 December 2015

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Christmas can be a very expensive time of year. Some of us save all year to go overboard with gift-giving at the holidays; others set limits and guidelines on gift exchanges to keep costs within reason.
We are very much a going overboard kind of family, but with so many extra people to buy for now that all three boys are in school and sports – seven teachers, two  principals and six coaches, school Secret Santas and team toy drives and office donation pools, plus all the usual family and friends – I’ve been putting some thought into budget-friendly gifting options.
A cute cookie jar filled with homemade shortbread.
An oversized mug stuffed with an assortment of flavoured hot chocolates.
A mixing bowl filled with all the ingredients for gingerbread cookies, a cookie cutter and a handwritten copy of your favourite gingerbread recipe.
A framed print of a favourite local landmark or nature photo, if you have any skill with a camera.
A handmade scarf or hat, if you can knit or crochet.
A handmade cutting board or picture frame if you’re any good at woodworking.
A personalized beaded necklace or bracelet if you’re at all crafty.
Dig through the bargain movie bin – there are always a few awesome finds in there – and pair with a tin of homemade popcorn, or a good book and a package of flavoured coffee tucked into an oversized mug.
How about the gift of time? I don’t know any parent who wouldn’t be grateful for a few hours of free child care and a little time to themselves.
Do you have any great budget-friendly gift ideas to add to the list?

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