Monday, 14 December 2015

Button Christmas Tree Craft

Button Christmas Tree Craft, crafts, kids crafts, Christmas crafts, Christmas ornamentThis adorable Christmas tree made from buttons is an easy craft for kids and makes a cute ornament to hang on the tree.

Gather buttons in various sizes and shapes (we had to hit the dollar store, since we don't have any spare buttons floating around).

Stack the buttons in the order that you want to make your Christmas tree shape - a few small ones at the bottom, then the largest through the smallest to create the conical tree shape. Don't forget to add a special sparkly or star-shaped bead for the star on top.

When you are happy with the order of the buttons (sizes, shapes and colours) use floral wire, fishing line or thick embroidery thread to string through from the top bead through each bead to the bottom, then back through a second hole in each button and back out the top. Be sure to leave several inches' extra length on each end.

Twist or tie off the ends to form a loop and hang on the Christmas tree!

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