Friday, 18 December 2015

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornament

Fingerprint Christmas tree ornament, crafts, kids crafts, Christmas craftsEvery year the boys and I make a special Christmas tree ornament that we wrap up and give to my husband to open Christmas morning.

This year's special Christmas craft: Fingerprint Christmas tree ornaments!

This craft was easy and fun and the kids were so happy with how they turned out.

Start with any plain Christmas ornament - we used both shiny and matte finishes and didn't find that it made any difference.

Dip fingertip in green acrylic craft paint and carefully press onto the ornament in a pyramid pattern - one print on top, two below, three below that, four across the bottom.

Clean finger, then dip in brown acrylic craft paint and press on the ornament below the bottom of last row of green fingerprints for the trunk of the tree.

Once the paint dries, decorate the fingerprint tree with glitter, sequins, gems and tinsel.

Fingerprint Christmas tree ornament, crafts, Christmas crafts, kids crafts
String with Christmas ribbon and hang from the tree!

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